The Best Double Strollers Should Incorporate

This article looks at some of the common features and addresses some of the issues which should be considered to ensure you choose stroller suited to you, your children and the environment you will mainly use the stroller in.

All the best double strollers will meet the minimum safety standards, in lots of cases these are voluntary standards such as the ASTM or JPMA double stroller standards. If the stroller is stamped by such bodies it gives you some peace of mind that the unit is of a good technical and safety standard. Do your own assessment of the essential safety features. Pay particular attention to the safety harnesses, ease of use of the safety Best Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler  harnesses. Be satisfied that both your toddler and baby can be secured securely and that they will be unable to get out without you undoing the harness. All the best double strollers use a five point harness system which ensures your children are secured properly and safely.

In light of the recent recall issues, be satisfied that no pivots points, hinges, coil springs etc are accessible or pose a risk to your children whilst strapped in the stroller. All the better strollers will also have the pivot points designed so that your two helpers cannot easily get fingers entrapped whilst folding. If at all possible keep the children away whilst folding the unit.

What is the age gap between your toddler and infant? Some toddlers will be delighted to be strapped in the stroller with their newborn sibling but other more active toddlers may be anxious to get out and walk part of the time especially if they are over two years of age. Perhaps in this instance the stroller for you would be a sit and stand double stroller. This gives you and your toddler choices and the toddler can be strapped in when walking or standing is not practical. Perhaps you have a good quality single stroller and your toddler could manage with a quality buggy board. I have some friends whose toddlers are delighted with their buggy board or hitch hiker add on.